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Week Topic
Lab 1
(Jan. 31st — Feb. 7th)
Introduction to Python
Lab 2
(Feb. 7th — Feb. 14th)
Introduction to Machine Learning
Lab 3
(Feb. 14th — Feb. 23rd)
Intro To Tensorflow
Lab 4
(Feb. 22nd — Feb. 28th)
Convolutional Neural Networks
Lab 5
(Mar. 7th — Mar. 14th)
word2vec Skipgram
Lab 6
(Mar. 14th — Mar. 21st)
Debiasing Language Models
Lab 7
(Apr. 4th — Apr. 11th)
Convolutional Autoencoders
Lab 8
(Apr. 11th — Apr. 18th)
Generative Adversarial Networks
Lab 9
(Apr. 18th — Apr. 25th)