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Week Topic Link
Lab 0
(Sept. 15th — Sept. 22nd)
Introduction to Python Lab 0 Link
Lab 1
(Sept. 22nd — Sept. 29th)
Introduction to Machine Learning Lab 1 Link
Lab 2
(Sept. 29th — Oct. 06th)
Introduction to TensorFlow
Lab 3
(Oct. 06th — Oct. 13th)
Lab 4
(Oct. 13th — Oct. 20th)
Lab 5
(Oct. 27th — Nov. 3rd)
Debiasing Language Models
Lab 6
(Nov. 10th — Nov. 17th)
Graph Neural Networks
Lab 7
(Nov. 17th — Nov. 24th)
Generative Adversarial Networks
Lab 8
(Dec. 1st — Dec. 8th)
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning