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Deep Learning

Welcome to Deep Learning!

Over the past few years, Deep Learning has become a popular area, with deep neural network methods obtaining state-of-the-art results on applications in computer vision (Self-Driving Cars), natural language processing (Google Translate), and reinforcement learning (AlphaGo). These technologies are having transformative effects on our society, including some undesirable ones (e.g. deep fakes).

This course is there to give students a practical understanding of how Deep Learning works, how to implement neural networks, and how to apply them ethically. We introduce students to the core concepts of deep neural networks and survey the techniques used to model complex processes within the contexts of computer vision and natural language processing.

Throughout the course, we emphasize and require students to think critically about potential ethical pitfalls that can result from mis-application of these powerful models. The course is taught using the Tensorflow deep learning framework.

ProfessorRitambhara Singh
TimeMWF 12:00-12:50pm


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:00-12:50pm in Salomon Center 001 Course offered in-person with recordings made available for reviewing.

[Week 1-4] Deep Learning Basics
[1-2] 1/25 Welcome to Deep Learning Recording Slides
[1-3] 1/27 Supervised Learning - Classification/Regression, Training/Validation/Testing Recording Slides
[2-1] 1/30 Perceptron and MNIST Recording Slides
[2-2] 2/1 Perceptron (continued) and Loss Functions Recording Slides
[2-3] 2/3 Optimization and Backpropagation Recording Slides
[3-1] 2/6 Backpropagation (continued) Recording Slides
[3-2] 2/8 Autodiff Recording Slides
[3-3] 2/10 Matrix representation of NNs + GPUs + Intro to Tensorflow Recording Slides
[4-1] 2/13 Multi-layer NNs and Activation Functions Recording Slides
[4-2] 2/15 The Lifecycle of a Machine Learning Project Recording Slides
[Week 4-6] CNNs
[4-3] 2/17 Multi-layer NNs (contd.) + Intro to CNNs Recording Slides
[5-2] 2/22 CNNs (contd.) Recording Slides
[5-3] 2/24 Multi-layer CNNs Recording Slides
[6-1] 2/27 Overfitting and regularization Recording Slides
[Week 6-9] Language Models
[6-2] 3/1 Language models and word embeddings Recording Slides
[6-3] 3/3 Feedforward language models Recording Slides
[7-1] 3/6 Recurrent neural networks Recording Slides
[7-2] 3/8 LSTMs and GRUs Recording Slides
[7-3] 3/10 Machine translation Recording Slides
[8-1] 3/13 Attention Recording Slides
[8-2] 3/15 Transformers Recording Slides
[8-3] 3/17 Transformers (continued) and scaling deep learning systems Recording Slides
[9-1] 3/20 Scaling deep learning systems continued. Recording Slides
[Week 9] Interpretation
[9-2] 3/22 Interpretation of Neural Networks Recording Slides
[Week 10-11] Probabilistic Models
[10-1] 4/3 Unsupervised learning, Autoencoders Recording Slides
[10-2] 4/5 Variational Autoencoders Recording Slides
[10-3] 4/7 VAEs contd. and Generative adversarial networks Recording Slides
[11-1] 4/10 VAE and GANs contd + Deepfakes Recording Slides
[11-2] 4/12 Diffusion (guest lecture by Calvin Luo) Recording Slides
[11-3] 4/14 Diffusion continued (guest lecture by Calvin Luo) Recording Slides
[Week 12-13] Reinforcement Learning
[12-1] 4/17 Introduction to reinforcement learning Recording Slides
[12-2] 4/19 Value Iteration Recording Slides
[12-3] 4/21 Deep Q learning Recording Slides
[13-1] 4/24 Policy gradient methods Recording Slides
[13-2] 4/26 Actor-critic methods Recording Slides
[Week 13] GNNs
[13-3] 4/28 Graph neural networks Recording Slides


Assignments will be released at noon and due at 6:00pm U.S. Eastern Time.

Assignment Out Due
[HW0] Setup Wednesday 1/25 Friday 2/3
[HW0] Math Review Wednesday 1/25 Friday 2/3
[HW1] Linear Regression: Conceptual Wednesday 2/1 Friday 2/10
[HW1] Linear Regression: Programming Wednesday 2/1 Monday 2/13
[HW2] Beras: Conceptual Wednesday 2/15 Friday 2/24
[HW2] Beras: Programming Wednesday 2/15 Monday 2/27
[HW3] CNNs: Conceptual Wednesday 3/1 Monday 3/6
[HW3] CNNs: Programming Wednesday 3/1 Friday 3/10
[HW4] LMs: Conceptual Wednesday 3/13 Monday 3/20
[HW4] LMs: Programming Wednesday 3/13 Friday 3/24
[HW5] Image Captioning: Conceptual Monday 4/3 Monday 4/10
[HW5] Image Captioning: Programming Monday 4/3 Friday 4/14
[HW6] Variational Autoencoders: Conceptual Friday 4/14 Friday 4/21
[HW6] Variational Autoencoders: Programming Friday 4/14 Friday 4/28

Final Project

See the handout for full details

Deliverable Date/Due
Forming teams Wednesday 2/22 6:00pm ET
Project Check-in 1 Week beginning 3/6
Project Proposal Friday 3/17 6:00pm ET
Project Check-in 2 Week beginning 4/10
Project Check-in 3 Week beginning 4/24
Final Check-in (Optional) Week beginning 5/1
Deep Learning Day Monday 5/8
Final Projects Due Friday 5/12 6:00pm ET


See the Resources section for information on opening labs and using Google Colaboratory.

Lab From Until
[Lab0] Introduction to NumPy Wednesday 1/25 Tuesday 1/31
[Lab1] Introduction to Machine Learning Monday 1/30 Sunday 2/05
[Lab2] Optimizers Monday 2/06 Sunday 2/12
[Lab3] Tensorflow Monday 2/13 Sunday 2/19
[Lab4] CNNs Monday 2/27 Sunday 3/5
[Lab5] Debiasing Monday 3/13 Sunday 3/19
[Lab6] LIME Monday 4/3 Sunday 4/9
[Lab7] Autoencoders Monday 4/10 Sunday 4/16
[Lab8] GANs Monday 4/17 Sunday 4/23
[Lab9] Reinforcement Learning Monday 4/24 Sunday 4/30





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